Loopy Mango Big Loop cowl

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I had been eagerly waiting to start knitting my gigantic skein of Loopy Mango’s Big Loop Yarn Merino in dirty pink since my visit to their Manhattan shop last October. I wanted to make the most of it: savoring every stitch, taking a break every now and then for a kiss with my beautiful man. An exercise in delayed gratification, if you wish.

Then my mum came to visit. She is an extremely experienced knitter, but she had never worked with anything as chunky as the Big Loop… I couldn’t say no (none could say no to my mum). An evening of woolen adventure later, she had produced the coolest, warmest infinity scarf!

If you want to give it a try, you will need:

  • one skein of Loopy Mango’s Big Loop Yarn Merino, which is about 400 grams, and
  • a pair of US 50 / 25 mm circular needles. Circular needles are recommended because they are lighter and considerably easier to use than normal ones of the same size. However, this scarf is not knit in the round. Simply turn the work at the end of each row, as you would with normal needles.

Loopy Mango’s Eternity Cowl pattern suggests to cast four stitches, but you can pump up the volume and cast five.
Knit all, turning your needles at the end of each row, until you have about 80 cm of yarn left.
Cast off. You should have a rectangle of approximately 220 x 15 cm.
Fold the rectangle in half and join the shorter sides to make a loop.

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