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Food typography is the art of turning food into letters and words. Here’s a selection of my favourite artists and projects, all inspired by baking. If you like it, have a look at my Food Typography Pinterest board!

1. Baking time by Dina Belenko

Shouldn’t any time be baking time? Dina Belenko shoots conceptual still life images in her St. Petersburg flat, “telling magical stories behind everyday inanimate objects”.
Source: Instagram. Copyright: Dina Belenko.


2. Humble pie pastry type by Danielle Evans

I love a beautiful pie topper, especially when it’s cheeky and stylish. In Danielle’s words:

“Humble Pie. We can all use a slice now and then, but in our case a mouthful never tasted so good. After a spirit of contrition hung heavily overhead, I determined to bake a pie inlaid with cheek and cherry. A delicious yet modest pastry emerged from five hours of prep and exacto cutting our mouthwatering, homemade crust. A last minute decision to create an inline finished out the type beautifully.”

Source: Behance. Copyright: Danielle Evans.

1. Copyright Danielle Evans pie


3. Bite off more than you can chew by Anna Garforth

Anna Garforth, a multi-disciplinary designer working and living in East London, started this as a self-initiated project. I love the bold message, the clever food pun and the great execution – I wish my biscuits held their shape like Anna’s!
Source: Creative Bloq. Copyright: Anna Garforth.

Copyright Anna Garforth 2


4. Victoria sponge recipe by Grant Maycock

This wonderfully simple Victoria sponge recipe was born as a Creative Review ad for Smoke and Mirrors, Rockhound Photographic. Amazingly, it was styled in-house, pulling together people, ingredients and props to create a mouthwatering result. I love that it is nearly an infographic: no need for pen and paper anymore!
Source: Behance. Art Direction: Grant Maycock, Lee Gladman. Typography: Grant Maycock.

3. Copyright Grant Maycock


5. Typography pie by A Subtle Revelry

This wonderful pie was created to celebrate Thanksgiving for the blog A Subtle Revelry. In addition to being a show-stopper, the pie is easy to make: the recipe is available in full here. From the same website, here’s the recipe for a typography cake.
Source: A subtle revelry. Produced and photographed by Athena Plichta.

4. Copyright A Subtle Revelry


6. Type Delight: A Life Long Love Affair by Nina Harcus

Type Delight is a conceptual illustrative cookbook about Marcelle, a timid Patisserie Chef who falls in love and uses food to communicate his infatuation. Nina Harcus’ project consisted of three food typography quotes from the story printed on linen tea towels that came with the cookbook. Unfortunately, the cook book does not seem to be available anywhere…
Source: Pinterest. Copyright: Nina Harcus.

5. Copyright Nina Harcus.jpg


7. Norrlandssäkrade by Fabian Björnstjerna

I have great respect for these typography buns – you need guts to make food typography out of yeasty dough that is supposed to rise in the oven!
Source: Creative Bloq. Copyright:  Fabian Björnstjerna.

6. Copyright Fabian Björnstjerna


8. Be Sweet – Go Vegan by Molly O’Riordon

Molly created this project for her Design Alumni show. Completely true to her subject-matter, she used homemade vegan cookies! In her words:

“Not shown: The 100 other sketches, frosting text, and fondant text used to test/practice this. My apartment was covered in wax paper and frosting for a while. Whew!”

Source: Behance. Copyright: Molly O’Riordon.

Copyright Molly ORiordon


9. Home is where the cake is…

… and luckily enough, there is often cake at home.
Source: Blog du web design. Copyright: unknown.

9. Home is where the cake is


10. The End

Pancakes do not need to come round and flat.
Source: Pinterest. Copyright: Mathias Torgaard.

The end