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I started baking as a new year’s resolution in 2014, inspired by my cousin Enrica’s change of career from lawyer to patissière. A year later my friends encouraged me to join a cake club. This page documents my journey into the creamy depths of continental baking, from Scandinavian buns to Italian sponges, from Dutch biscuits to French macarons.

My recipes (indexed here) use only natural ingredients and follow the seasons for flavours and textures. You will also find here Enrica’s masterclasses, reviews of dream bakeries and cafés and recommendations for inspiring baking books.



The 10 best… food typography for bakers

Food typography is the art of turning food into letters and words. Here’s a selection of my…

25 February, 2017

Speculoos speculaas cinnamon spiced winter Dutch biscuits * egg-free *

This post is a little late, as speculoos biscuits (speculaas in Dutch) are traditionally baked in…

12 January, 2016

Mont Blanc Christmas meringue roulade with chestnut and whipped cream filling

Apparently created at the time of the Duchy of Savoy, Mont Blanc (the dessert) is a little cone of…

25 November, 2015

Maple syrup shortbread leaves * Autumn shortbread biscuits * egg-free *

I had the perfect autumn day today. It was a fresh crisp day, with a little drizzle in the air.…

4 November, 2015

Italian Pan di Spagna sponge cake with persimmon, cinnamon and organic apple juice

A perfect seasonal celebration cake

29 September, 2015

Eton mess * with pistachios and mixed berries *

A toast to the final days of the English summer!

1 September, 2015

How to make crème Chantilly

A few easy tips for a perfect Chantilly cream

31 August, 2015

Rosemary soda bread * Great British Bake Off Extra Slice special *

An easy and quick bread recipe

22 August, 2015

Method baking * Index *

Baking recipes and related posts

15 August, 2015

Cardamom: where to find it and how to bake with it

Pods, seeds or ground seeds?

9 August, 2015

How to make the perfect French meringue: tips and basic recipe

Everything you always wanted to know about meringues...

26 July, 2015

Easter angel cake with lemon zest * dairy-free * low fat *

Feather-light, super fluffy cake with no butter or milk

7 April, 2015

Spring shortbread biscuits: lemon flowers and green tea leaves * egg-free *

The traditional 1-2-3 shortbread recipe with a spring twist

29 March, 2015

Christmas night starry sky chocolate courgette and spelt cake *dairy-free*

Christmas can be delicious without being over-indulgent. This chocolate cake recipe, by Linzi Barrow of…

7 December, 2014

Autumn gold dairy-free cardamom and walnut cake

With a caramel and walnut decoration inspired by golden autumn leaves

5 November, 2014

Enrica’s lavender and blackberry dairy-free yogurt cake

A birthday cake for my cousin Enrica

10 August, 2014

Swedish cardamom and cinnamon buns (kardamomma bulle) * egg-free *

Do like the Swedish do and share these buns and a coffee with a friend! Having a coffee break…

17 June, 2014

Where to buy fresh yeast in North London

Buy live yeast in Kentish Town

8 June, 2014

Lentils, carrots and curry cake

A moist and flavourful savoury cake

17 May, 2014

Sun-dried tomatoes, olives and basil Mediterranean cake bread *dairy-free*

A fail-safe recipe that will bring the flavors and colors of the Mediterranean to your table in a little…

16 January, 2014

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