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This Brazilian-English coffee shop is the perfect place to escape the Camden madness

A free piece of London advice for tourists: if you happen to wander around Camden and fancy a little perk, you may be tempted to stop at one of the chain cafes overlooking the Lock. Think again!

Sitting around a corner (hence the name) about three minutes walk from Camden Lock, the mood of The Corner One Coffee Shop could not be further away from the touristy hustle and bustle of the main road. With its exposed brick, sage green walls, peeled metal industrial tables and black woodwork, this is the kind of place where you would find bearded hipsters working on their Mac and cool local families (proof that there are indeed local residents among Camden’s ubiquitous tourists…)

The coffee here is so nice that it does not need any sugar, making The Corner One one of the best coffee places in Camden and fully deserving the brilliant reviews. You can accompany it with pancakes, muffins, salads on demands, or even Brazilian cheese bread.

Be careful though – this is a small place with few seats. And please, keep the secret!

MIL20 Oval Road, Camden
London NW1 7DJ

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Fresh (live) yeast
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Fresh yeast (also known as live yeast) makes a real difference in many baking recipes, so it is worth giving it a try. Getting your hands on some may seem complicated at first, as fresh yeast is not generally available in your local supermarket. Once you know where to look, however, the additional effort is close to zero.

Below are some tips on where to buy fresh yeast in North London. Please do let me know if you know of other places – I am happy to add your suggestions to the list!

Wherever you get your fresh yeast from, keep in mind that it is highly perishable and needs to be kept at fridge temperature. If you get it from a shop, take it back home as soon as possible. If you get it online, make sure that it is sent in temperature-controlled packaging. In any event, always proof it before adding it to your recipe.

From your local bakery

Many bloggers suggest to ask your local bakery to give you some of their fresh yeast. If you local bakery does indeed bake good bread and pastries, they will have fresh yeast and may be willing to give some to you, if you ask nicely. They would usually do this for free, especially if you don’t need much. I love the idea of sharing the yeast as an act of love, so I gave it a try and asked Le Moulin bread & patisserie (182 Kentish Town Rd, NW5 2AE). They very nicely gave me a small quantity for free. Rumours are indeed true.

From your local whole food store

Most whole food stores sell fresh yeast. I get mine from the Earth Food Store in Kentish Town.


Fresh yeast is easy to find online, for example from Ocado. I recommend The Bertinet Kitchen & Bakery, a cookery school based in Brighton. The fresh yeast on sale in their Amazon shop, was packaged in a temperature-controlled bag, arrived firm and moist, and gave lovely bubbles after proofing.

Happy baking!


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Copyright Knit with Attitude

Copyright Knit with Attitude

‘We all need to be more conscious about our planet’s resources’. This is the idea behind Knit with Attitude, a yarn shop specializing in ethical and sustainable, environmentally-friendly yarn.

Knitting revolution

True to the ‘Knit with Attitude’ motto, Maya, the Norwegian owner, champions a knitting revolution, whereby more and more young women (and men) are reclaiming knitting as a modern, creative form of expression. With great anti-stress and therapeutic powers:

Everything is such high-pace, says Maya. Knitting, like crochet, is slow. It gives you space to breathe. You count, you repeat the same movement. It’s constructive, you create something.

And as you are creating something beautiful, you might as well make it ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly.

Ethical and environmentally-friendly yarn

‘Although wool is a natural material, it is not necessarily eco-friendly’ says Maya. She personally selects small production companies, asking questions about how the sheep are fed, which kind of energy is used for the production, how much water, whether chemical colours are used. Ethical and fair-trade concerns are also taken into account, as Maya looks for companies that contribute to the community.

Not all wool ticks all the boxes, but the quest led to some amazing yarn. While Knit with Attitude’s best-seller is super-soft organic Alpaca wool, Maya also stocks some very unusual fibres. The Pure MILK fibre is a certified organic yarn made from casein, a milk protein, very kind to sensitive skin. Ruca Multy, sourced from Chile, is made of 100% sugar cane.

Then there’s the ethical products. Sales of the Mirasol Yarn Collection support a school for Peruvian shepherds’ children. The Mikono Knits clothes range are made by a women empowering project in Kenya. A similar project in South Africa produces the Incomparable Buttons, a range of hand-made ceramic buttons.

Are you getting excited about making a consumers’ statement while stocking on beautiful yarn? So am I!

Knit with attitude opened at the current address, shared with Of Cabbages & Kings, in November 2012.

Knit with attitude
127 Stoke Newington High Street
London N16 0PH, United Kingdom
Tel. +44 (0)207 998 3282