I open my emails on an otherwise uneventful Friday morning and there it is: a lovely little invitation from the Stylist Beauty Team to take part in a Sally Hansen Miracle Gel trial. Yuppie!

As you probably know if you have given even a cursory glance at this blog, I have strong opinions, many of them, and I am happy to share them. What is more, nail polish is my favourite beauty product – yes, above lipstick. I love how it can be the only beauty product you wear and still work; I love the myriad of available shades (one of my all-time favourites is a dark green and gold nail polish, definitely more wearable than a dark green and gold lipstick!) and I love the grown-up feeling of a fresh manicure. So I am very excited.

First, I WhatsApp my friend Silvia aka Fury, who is not only a beauty addict but also a beauty expert, being a chemical engineer working in a cosmetics company (Fury, if you’re reading: you should be the one writing this). I share my enthusiasm about my first teeny foray into beauty blogging, using a couple of nail polish emojis – this time literally. She wants to give it a try as well; I promise to share the Miracle Gel next time we see each other.

Second, I check the Miracle Gel page on the Sally Hansen website. It’s available in 48 shades, from classic nudes to blues, greens and blacks. I love Wine Stock, a deep, rich burgundy purple which is perfect for autumn. I actually don’t know which colour I will trial – looking forward to the surprise!

Third, I (finally) check my nails. *argh*! They are very short and in a pretty poor state. Spending last evening sanding down the walls (we are redecorating the kitchen) definitely did not do them any good. Tonight’s to do list: file nails – again, this time literally.



The magical little package has just arrived! I open it excitedly: it’s Tipsy Gipsy, a Barbie-like, very girlie bright fuchsia pink. A colour more suited to warm summer beaches than the grey sky of London in October, but I am happy to give it a try. I am actually quite glad now about my short nails: on long nails, this coulour risks looking tarty; on short nails, it is quite rock ‘n’ roll.

Sunday: day 1

There is one rule when using Miracle Gel Nail Colour: after two coats of the polish, you must apply a final coat of Miracle Gel Top Coat – the two are supposed to work together. Nothing else is needed – and no UV light. The big, fat brush and thick texture make the application smooth and easy. One coat dries up in about 5-6 minutes.  A quarter of an hour and I am ready to go!


Monday-Friday: day 2-day 6

After having looked at my nails (and everyone else’s) about twenty times on the tube ride to work on Monday morning (are they still ok? what is everyone else wearing?) the rest of the week goes on without chips or other dramas. I type, I write emails, I take showers, brush my teeth, wash the dishes, touch and hug, and I forget about my nails: I get on with my life, while my pink polish is still there, cheerful and glossy. Exactly how it should be.

Saturday: day 7

Day 7 and end of the trial: my nails are still perfect, great success!! Would I use it again? Yes (this time in a dark, moody colour). Would I recommend it to my friend Silvia aka Fury? Yes I would – and I will. It is as easy to apply as a “normal” nail polish, but lasts much longer. It’s a no brainer! At about £20, the nail polish plus top coat combination is on the expensive side – but it works. Worth it!


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish (£9.99) and Top Coat (£9.99) available at Boots, Superdrug, Amazon